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Tom and Jerry Fridge Magnets

Tom and Jerry Fridge Magnets

Tom and Jerry. These two hold a lot of memories, don’t you think? 

Just the mention of their names may have even brought a smile to your face. 

There are so many nostalgia-filled memories that are associated with this TV show. Arguing over the remote, so that you can watch Tom and Jerry, watching Jerry annoy Tom and Tom trying to catch Jerry, watching them work together at times too, crowding around the TV set with your friends to watch the show. Like we said, a lot of memories.

Are you feeling nostalgic about Tom and Jerry? Do you wish you could return to a simpler time? Well, going back in time might be a little difficult, but these Official Tom and Jerry Fridge Magnets from Redwolf? They are amazing and will take your inner kid right back to the simpler days.

Tom and Jerry started out as a show with just 114 short films that became so successful that 13 more were created with another studio and then 34 more with yet another studio, for a total of 161 short films! If that wasn’t enough, there were multiple adaptations (5 of them) and even a feature-length film. There was even a musical adaptation of Tom and Jerry which was only released in select parts of the world!

All of this just goes to show that Tom and Jerry have been a hit with the kids ever since its conception and it still continues to be a hit and will be one for the foreseeable future. 

These Official Tom and Jerry Fridge Magnets from Redwolf are the perfect add-on that you need in your life. Be it for you, or for a gift for someone. So grab them today!