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Vinay Kaushal

Vinay Kaushal - NOAT Unisex T-shirt Vinay Kaushal - NOAT Unisex T-shirt
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Vinay Kaushal - NOAT Unisex T-shirt


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Vinay Kaushal

Vinay Kaushal is a Composer, Guitar Player and Music Educator based in India. He is an alumnus of the Musician's Institute, Hollywood (GIT). Having grown up in a musical family, Vinay's playing boasts of a unique stylistic versatility with a repertoire that includes genres like the blues, funk, jazz, rock and fusion. Having always enjoyed composing, Vinay writes music with intricacies that are rarely stumbled upon.

Vinay officially endorses Fender Musical Instruments and Ernie Ball Strings in India and has been affiliated with both since 2015. He released his debut album “Naked on a Train” in January 2018 and has received accolades from some of the top names in the music industry.