Batman Merchandise

Batman Merchandise

Bruce Wayne had a perfect life. Loving parents, a mansion, a big corporate company until one night when his parents were murdered by a masked mugger. The world of this 8-year-old totally changed.

That tragic night, inspired Bruce to become ‘The Dark Knight’

He has trained his mind and body to become a weapon and be a self-made superhero.

He dedicated his life to wipe out every criminal and to protect Gotham city. He developed an arsenal of technology that would put armies to shame.

A playboy billionaire by day and a superhero vigilante by night. Bruce Wayne lives a double life, comfort without any financial worries with a loyal butler turned guardian and by night a crime-fighting vigilante, shedding all his pretence to save the city from its rotting criminals and keeping an eye on the shadowy streets from the skies and rooftops of Gotham City.

He is vengeance. He is night. He is Batman.

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