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Guardians Of The Galaxy Merchandise

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Merchandise

This group consists bunch of abnormal and dysfunctional intergalactic legendary moronic outlaws, turned unlikely saviours of the galaxy, are generally without a plan and quarrel constantly.


Peter Quill: He says people fear by his name Starlord, but it’s mostly him who calls him that. Kidnapped by aliens when he was a kid, turning into a criminal to saving the entire galaxy by indulging into a dance battle? Anyway, despite his dumb humour and wacky tricks he’s quite charming and courageous.

Gamora: Beware of her, because she’s the daughter of the Mad Titan. She is not as villainous as him but oh boy, she is one lethal assassin and is known as the deadliest women in the galaxy.

Rocket: A raccoon, expert in weaponizing mostly anything from scrap, mercenary and a proud father of a tree. He is one trickster that can steal your metal arm, a prosthetic leg or even your eye just because it would be hilarious.

Groot: Well, one thing to know about him is that he is a tree and his vocabulary is only limited to ‘I’ and ‘am’ and ‘Groot’. He is a loyal and sweet friend one could ever have. Sometimes he can make things worse than better but compared to the sour and sarcastic attitudes of his fellow members he is a ray of decency.

Drax: Other than destroying almost everything and being incredibly literal he also has the ability to be so slow that he becomes almost invisible to the naked eye. Drax the Destroyer is a headstrong brute and possesses no understanding of diplomacy and subtlety.

Despite their extremely different and odd personalities, these a-holes usually get the job done, legal or otherwise.

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