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Ms Marvel Merchandise

She is a teenage brown girl from New Jersey with hopes in her eyes and a dream to be a superhero like her favourite Captain Marvel. Yes, you got it, we’re talking about our very own Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel!

This young Muslim girl is set out to find what kind of power she holds, the history of her family and the Jinns, and the exciting and crazy adventure she has to embark on to discover more about herself.

Her beloved friend and the “guy in the chair”, Bruno, has always looked out for her little KK. He not only helps her figure out who she is but also goes to great lengths to save her from all the trouble that she gets into. With his help, Kamala Khan transforms into something she never thought she'd ever become but always wanted to.
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All in all, this show is a mix of drama and comedy with a hint of desi to it which we know our wolfpack will definitely love!

While the stakes involved in the show do not compare to the likes of a multiversal threat we saw in Loki or the storytelling of infinite possibilities in What If...?, Ms Marvel has still managed to take the stage as a fresh and quirky addition to MCU's Phase 4 lineup.

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