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Music composer, singer, and guitar player Varun Rajput’s brainchild, ‘Antariksh‘ is a premier Indie-Rock act based out of New Delhi, India. Rated by MTV as one of the best Hindi Rock artists from India, Antariksh also regularly features in the Top 10 Indian bands list in various publications. Standing at the crossroad of some tasty melodies and spicy grooves, Antariksh is renowned for creating a very fresh, and unique soundscape borrowing nuances from Rock, Pop, Reggae, Carnatic, Blues, Cinematic and Progressive styles of music presented in a cohesive, thematic and powerful manner.

With an experience of playing over 800 gigs across the India, Mauritius, Madagascar, Vietnam, Thailand, Srilanka, UK, Nepal and more, the band‘s live shows are not just your typical rock gigs, but a power-packed, mesmerising experiences that distinguish a “regular show” from a “concert”. Antariksh recently collaborated with former Megadeth Guitarist, Marty Friedman on their critically acclaimed song, ‘Quest’ and won the ‘Best Rock Song’ Award at Artist Aloud Independent Music Awards 2022 and ‘Best Rock Artist of 2022’ at The Indian Music Diaries Awards.