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Thor Merchandise

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Thor Merchandise

Born to Odin and Frigga, Thor is one of the mightest heroes and an Avenger.

Initially arrogant, short-sighted, Thor later turned into a humble, wiser and a noble warrior.  He is worthy of wielding Mjolnir.

A hero, an Avenger, and truly a king who would fight anyone to protect his people of Asgard, believing in “Asgard is not the place, it’s the people.”

After saving the people of Asgard, helping save the universe, he is on his way to save the galaxy!

He is Odinson, Asgardian (of the galaxy), and the God of Thunder!

Hold in high regard, the great Thor with our range of Officially Licensed Thor Merchandise in India, along with a wide range of Thor Gifts & other Thor Themed Merch!