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Preorder Campaigns

The Redwolf Preorder Campaign Program allows you to create and sell custom t-shirts with your designs without any costs or risks. MakeMyMerch is now Redwolf Preorders.

How does a Preorder Campaign on Redwolf work?

You don’t need to invest thousands of rupees to get t-shirts made and hope that you get the sizes right, or figure out what to do with the dead inventory if they don’t sell. In addition to that, worrying about the shipping, money and production logistics can also be a real hassle.

With the Redwolf Preorder Campaign program, you can stick to the designing, and we’ll take care of all the dirty work! Once you have the sales, we print it, ship it out, and pay you the profits! Here’s how it works:

  1. Launch a campaign

    Submit your design, we’ll approve it to see if the file meets our technical guidelines for printing and we’ll create a campaign page for your product - this is the link where your product will exist which you can promote to your fans and supporters.

    Depending on the design - you will decide on the minimum sales goal and the selling price of your t-shirt.

  2. Spread the word

    Share your campaign page with your fans and collect pre-orders towards the pre-decided sales goal. Buyers will only be charged if the campaign meets the sales goal because the tees are only manufactured and shipped out if the sales goal is met.

  3. Reach your sales goal and get paid!

    You can continue to sell shirts past your sales goal until your campaign ends. Once it does, we handle printing & shipping and you get a cheque for the profit!

Who can use preorder campaigns?

  • Bands: Get t-shirts for sale for your fans right away without worrying about any of the production/backend details
  • NGOs: Build awareness about your cause and raise funds!
  • Online Communities: Got a popular blog, forum or a Facebook community? T-shirts are a great way to express your ideas to the world.
  • Schools and Colleges: Get T-shirts made for your Class, School or College customized with your school logos.