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Blakc is not just a band; it's an emotional journey, a disruption of the status quo, and an unapologetic expression of raw, modern alternative rock. This Indian powerhouse knows how to tap into their innermost emotions and channel them into a sonic experience that leaves an indelible mark.

Blakc was formed as teenagers comprising of vocalist Shawn Pereira, guitarists Anish Menon and Reinhardt Dias, who were later joined by Varun Sood on drums, and Shawn Phulpagar on bass. From humble beginnings to recording at the prestigious Yashraj Studios in India, Blakc's journey is one of evolution and resilience. They've graced the stages of iconic festivals like Independence Rock and NH7 Weekender, sharing the limelight with legends like Megadeth, Mutemath, BiffyClyro and Metallica.

Blakc's discography mirrors their growth as musicians and storytellers. Their debut "Choking on a Dream," a full-length LP release in 2009, set the foundation for their artistic journey. This album was a raw, unfiltered expression of their early creative spirit, encapsulating the essence of their formative years.

In 2012, "Mothered Land" arrived as another LP showcasing their songwriting prowess. The album delved deeper into their exploration of sound and themes such as heartbreak, loss, and catharsis. "Choices," signalled their ever-evolving sound. The track marked a turning point, demonstrating their adaptability and willingness to experiment with different musical styles while staying true to their alternative rock roots.

In 2018, they ventured even further with "Consequence of Feeling," another LP that pushed the boundaries of soundscape, more sombre and rhythmic. This album was a sonic rollercoaster, brimming with introspective lyrics and captivating melodies. It cemented Blakc's status as a formidable force in the alternative rock scene. "To Make You Love Me," showcased versatility with pure emotion and in 2021, Blakc released "What Is Time" EP, a sonic voyage that marked a departure from their previous work, exploring new soundscapes and pushing the boundaries of their creative expression and production.