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How do I become a member?

Becoming a Member is easy! Just pick your membership plan above and add it to your cart. You unlock discount prices as soon as you add the membership to your cart. Then, proceed to the cart page, make the payment and you’re all done!

Are all products available on discount to members?

All products under the Shop and Character categories are available at special discounted pricing for members. Only products under the Artist Merch categories are excluded.

Do I need to buy membership before I start getting discounts?

Glad you asked! As soon as you add the Membership to your cart, you unlock discounted prices and start shopping instantly. Amazing, isn’t it?

What all benefits are included in the membership plan?

The membership plan entitles you to special discounted prices on all products in the Shop and Character categories. It also entitles you to free returns for as long as your plan is active.

Can I renew my membership plan while it's still active?

Yes! The duration selected in your renewal purchase will be added to the end of your current active membership plan.

Can I cancel my membership mid-way?

Unfortunately, the Membership is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Also, why would anyone want to?

Can I use a coupon code along with the membership discounts?

Yes! You can enter your coupon code on the shopping cart page same as before. The coupon code will not be applicable on the purchase of the membership itself. Any discount or minimum cart value requirement for the coupon will be calculated on the basis of discounted membership prices for each product.

Can I use a gift voucher along with the membership discounts?

Yes! Gift vouchers can be used on absolutely anything that you purchase. You can use a gift voucher to pay for your membership plan as well!

Will the credits I have earned with the previous loyalty program be valid?

Yes! Your credits are still valid and can be used on absolutely anything that you purchase. You can use credits to pay for your membership plan as well! We might add an expiry date on your previous credits soon so now is the best time to use them!