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Deadpool Merchandise

Nerds! I thought it wouldn’t be fair to you guys if my introduction was given to you by a dull unexciting intern. So, this is the man himself giving you a road map of who I am exactly, which is obviously a super charming man with dreamy eyes and a set of unimaginable abilities that can defeat any bad guy alone with absolutely no need of bringing up a group of remarkable but in my opinion an average group of people.

Let's just say I am an orphan with a difficult childhood that led me to a career of professional killing. While working as a hired gun, I found an incredibly hot girl, got cancer, found a guy who instead of curing it, he jacked up my face and incurred a special ability to recover myself from deadly injuries. But let's be honest, my greatest powers are wit, charm and breaking the fourth wall (looking at you, hot stuff!).

Kids, you might want to know what my motto is as I've been told by my manager that every supervillain has one. (Exactly, I ain't no hero).

"With great powers comes no responsibility" which is not at all derivative and also "Maximum effort".

Oh, I think I forgot to mention my name. So here it is,

'I am Batman!'

Just Kidding, the name's Deadpool, Captain Deadpool.

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