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Venom Merchandise

Venom Merchandise

Eddie Brock’s life was perfect. He was one of the best crime journalists in the town and his career was at its prime! But destiny had other plans for him and everything he knew, he believed, that he was, changed.

He got himself involved in something he shouldn’t have witnessed in the first place. In his notorious actions to expose a mad scientist’s experiments, Eddie faces something that was beyond his comprehension. Eddie became a host to a unique and dangerous alien. Venom, an alien creature, was literally out of this world! He’s super smart and takes over his hosts with no sweat.

Venom, an alien being from the planet of Klyntar, finds himself on earth with the intention of taking over the planet with his other kind. He has a twisted sense of morality that shifts between doing good but somehow always finds a way to plague the lives around him.

Venom, after becoming attached to Eddie, together became a team so deadly and dangerous which can make anyone tremble in fear! With the purpose of taking over the planet, Venom decides to help Eddie Brock instead of fighting off his own species in exchange for being his permanent host.

Watch Marvel's weirdest hero/villain dealing with the world's craziest identity crisis and see how the story unfolds wearing the best of Venom Merchandise! Visit Redwolf and choose from a variety of Official Venom Merchandise of amazing t-shirts, magnets and much more. We can’t assure you that it will give you freaky Venom powers but it will surely turn you into a super cool geek!

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