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Wolverine Merchandise

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Wolverine Merchandise

"Patience Isn't My Strongest Suit" is how this character describes himself.

He is the mutant who has been on this planet for more than a hundred years. With the appearance of a savage creature and the spirit of a true fighter, Wolverine is one of the baddest superheroes of all time!

Possessing the strength and senses of a superhuman and an Adamantium skeleton, Wolverine is a classified severe threat to all his enemies! He flips and kicks faster than he regenerates! What makes him unique are his retractable claws that are known to be capable of penetrating any natural material, even the flesh of his enemies. 

Wolverine is a man of good wits and has high personal honour. Wolverine says, "Fill Your Heart With Better Memories. Better Actions. Better Friends."
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He is often portrayed as a snobbish loner because of his savage beast-like nature but one can always count on him when the situation calls. He is described as the “Ultimate Weapon” of the X-Men.
So, check out our Wolverine T-shirts and let them be your ultimate fashion weapon! You don’t want to let this awesome collection go out of your “claws”.

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