Tribute To The Beast

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Tribute To The Beast

Vincent “The Beast” Pereira was the mercurial bass player of the multi-award winning Hindi Metal band Prakalp, who were featured in the international documentary ‘Global Metal’. A darling of the Indian rock scene, Vince displayed his powerhouse talents in collaboration with bands such as Atmosfear, Primal Rage, Spiked Crib and even a gospel rock band. Steve Harris, the iconic bass player for Iron Maiden, was his biggest inspiration.

Vince passed away on 22nd October 2007, at the young age of 22. His tragic demise sent shockwaves of grief throughout the Mumbai music scene. Several bands dedicated songs and events to his memory. Social media communities on Facebook and Orkut were set up to commemorate his life. We can only wonder what heights he might’ve reached had his journey continued.

In the hearts and minds of everyone who was a witness to his spectacular abilities, his undying passion for music, and the scores of people he inspired to pick up the bass, The Beast lives on.

This concert is our celebration of Vince’s life. This is our ode to a force of nature.