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Thor - Official Thor Keychain
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Thor - Official Thor Keychain

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Thor Odinson is the Asgardian God of Thunder, superhero, self-proclaimed protector of Earth, and the king of Asgard. From comics to animated films and movies, the God of Thunder never failed to entertain us with his lightning powers.

Being an extremely powerful warrior, and one of the strongest beings on the planet, he provides his fellow Asgardians a sense of safety. 

He's a god, after all, and as such can do all kinds of cool things. Fly around by grabbing his hammer, treating tank shells like mosquito bites in true superhero fashion, and bashing people with a magic hammer only he can lift.

All Asgardians have some of these powers but Thor is, um, blonde. Redwolf brings to you the Official Collection of Thor Keychains sporting a blonde, handsome, sensible guy who roams around with a hammer and also happens to be one of the strongest people on earth!

Thor, the God of Thunder, is unquestionably not only one of Earth’s mightiest heroes, but one of the most powerful forces for good in the universe. He doesn’t fight to win. He already knows he is going to win. He fights because he enjoys crushing his enemies down to protect his fellows and Asgardians. From stopping Hulk to putting Stormbreaker into Thano’s chest, he is undoubtedly the most powerful Avenger!

Grabbing Thor’s hammer can be done by none other than the God of Thunder himself, but you can surely grab these Official Thor Keychains to feel the power inside you as Thor does!