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Sanjay Rajoura Merchandise

Sanjay Rajoura Merchandise

Delhi's favourite Sanjay Rajoura started his career as a standup artist with a solo show in 2009 and has earned popularity as a revered political satirist and columnist of the country.

Sanjay is the co-founder of the most well known political and social musical satire act of the country, “Aisi Taisi Democracy”.

The Delhi government honoured him with the prestigious, “Sahitya Academy Award For Contribution To Hindi Satire” in 2018.

He has been invited as a guest columnist to various prestigious publications such as The Hindu, The Indian Express, India Today, DailyO, The Print, Newslaundary to write for them and also hosts a popular internet show, “Bharat Ek Mauj”, for Newsclick.