Rick And Morty Notebooks

Rick And Morty Notebooks

Rick and Morty is a dark, sometimes extremely twisted (Season 3, we’re looking at you) yet somehow hilarious show that has made all of us fall in love with the inter-dimensional traveling duo. Every time Rick shows up at school to drag Morty out of class for one of his “adventures”, we wish it was us in place of Morty.

Multiple worlds, multiple timelines. This is probably the timeline in which they do end up needing your help on one of their adventures. You never know when that will be. You better grab some Official Rick and Morty Notebooks, from Redwolf, and be prepared to join them.

You cannot fail to notice that this show has just the right amount of realism, humor, entertainment, and existential crises. And that makes us love it even more.

Be it binge-watching at 2 am or secretly watching during lectures, we cannot get enough of it. Most of us would love to turn into a pickle and avoid all our human commitments, such as going to therapy but that comes with its own set of challenges. That is if we had the means (and the intellect) to turn into a pickle.

It's time to get down and get schwifty with Redwolf’s exclusive collection of Rick and Morty Notebooks. It is crazy, mind-squanching, and it is out of this world!