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Dark Helm Merchandise

Dark Helm Merchandise

Dark Helm is a band that has been treading the boundaries of metal and has been experimenting with fusing sounds from the world music scene into their music. Their music is a mix of heavy groove laden riffs with a sprinkling of some ancient and some contemporary ethnic instruments (like Sitar, Kyoto, Santoor, Saz, etc.).

The band released “Hymnus de Antitheist” (trans: A Hymn About the Antitheist), the follow-up album to their debut offering “Persepolis”, which was released internationally by an L.A. based record label. With a gap of 8 years between the albums, the band has matured in their sound and their songwriting.

Mohanish and Shubhrayu mostly wrote the second album in their own respective home studios, and only after the songs reached a major level of completion were they even auditioned to the band. This is when Arijeet came up with the exciting drum parts for the songs and then vocals were lastly structured by Dhairya. This is in contrast to how the band was used to writing music previously, which was done mostly in the Jam Studio with the whole band together.

With new energies and a fresh sound, the band is at an all-time high and just waiting to devour clubs and venues across the nation to promote the new album.