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Doctor Strange T-shirts

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Doctor Strange T-shirts

Who is a former neurosurgeon and the current Master of the Mystic Arts? Why, it’s Doctor Strange, of course! From his successful life in New York to his humble beginnings at Kamar Taj, Doctor Strange has come a long, long way! Doctor Strange is a compelling character as he is a man of science who turned to magic and sorcery to fix his hands that were damaged during a horrific car accident. Smart, suave and quippy with a dash of arrogance, Doctor Strange is THE BEST of all superheroes!

With the help of The Ancient One’s teachings, Wong’s badassery and the most OP character to ever exist, the Cloak of Levitation, Doctor Strange has managed to defeat formidable enemies like Shuma Gorath, Kaecilius and Dormammu, and was essential in the Infinity War against Thanos, even when it meant giving up the Eye of Agomotto and being blipped for five years!

While he continues to assess magical and mystical threats from the New York sanctum, he occasionally gets dragged into the antics of his fellow Avengers (side eyeing Spider Man) that end up becoming almost-world-ending events! Doctor Strange is a one of a kind superhero-sorcerer and we at Redwolf want to spread a dash of his magic with these cool Doctor Strange T-shirts!

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