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Breaking Bad T-shirts

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Breaking Bad T-shirts

Breaking Bad T-shirts? Yeah, bitch!

Breaking Bad is arguably one of the best shows on to come out in what is being heralded as the new Golden Age of television. We see the timid and modest Walter White transform into the dark and ruthless megalomaniac that is Heisenberg. The tiny details showcased in his transformation from chemistry teacher to meth kingpin is what makes the show so addictive and most definitely one of our favourite series!

When we were presented with an opportunity to take up the official rights of the show from Sony Pictures we couldn’t have been more excited, and now Redwolf carries a line of Officially Licensed Breaking Bad T Shirts in India!

We’ve worked with some of the most talented  artists from all around the world to put together a wide range of Breaking Bad T-shirts including the iconic Heisenberg t-shirt, inspired by the sketch seen in the hands of the Salamanca brothers!

These kickass designs are screen printed on 100% cotton Redwolf branded tees with high quality ink and are some of the best Breaking Bad T-shirts in India!