Redwolf Takes Comic Con 2015.

For those of you have been living under a rock for the past few years, Comic-con is a fan convention  that saw like minded people come together to share their love for comic books and films. This Comic book convention was founded in San Diego, California in the early ‘70s. Comic con initially used to showcase only comic book and sci-fi fantasy movies, but it has now evolved and includes a wider range of pop culture and entertainment elements over a wide range of genres including television, video games and anime.

Comic-Con India was started by a group of young people in Delhi, who wanted to avoid the heavy expense of travelling to another country for the convention and so decided to create one in their own city. After getting a surprisingly good response in Delhi, Comic con grew and started multiple events in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. The mission of Comic-con is to create unique pop culture events and engage with fans all across the country.

Mumbai saw its fifth edition of the convention on the 18th and 19th of December 2015. Redwolf has been at Comic con Mumbai for the past three years, but it was my first comic con experience. I did not know what to expect, apart from a few kids dressed up as their favourite comic book characters, but when I got there i was really surprised. I kept hearing names of characters and shows you didn’t even know existed, yet they would be getting the loudest cheers from the audience. These ‘Super Fans’ as they are called at Comic con, went above and beyond to show their love for their favourite characters some going as far as spending months to prepare elaborate costumes and props to wear at the convention.  This is one thing you definitely cannot miss. It’s the heart and soul of comic con.
The amount of effort these guys put into these cosplays are mind blowing! These people quite literally wear their passion.

Although we spend most of our time behind a really busy stall, I managed to get a glimpse of a few cosplayers.

Heisenberg and Jesse had something good cooking  on the second day of Comic Con.

Team Rocket dropped by the Redwolf stall to say hi!


Tommy Chong wearing the ‘Support our farmers’ t-shirt as a part of his cosplay!

Apart from the epic cosplays and brilliant talent, there were  tons on stalls! Everyone selling something cooler than the next! From T-shirts to toys to games, posters, books, masks and costumes, you name it. They had it all! It was amazing to see the reaction on peoples faces when they saw something inspired by their favourite show, book or character!

Redwolf launched a couple of brand new designs at comic con, including a design inspired by the American drama-thriller series, Mr Robot. This Mr. Robot: A One or a Zero T-shirt got a lot of attention and also surprised a few who didn’t expect to see any Mr Robot or FSociety merch at comic con.


We also launched the newest addition to our ever growing line of Official Breaking Bad Merchandise. The ‘I Am The One Who Knocks’ t-shirt was definitely a crowd favorite and was sold out by the end of the second day of the convention. We also introduced a couple of official  a line of Breaking Bad Sweatshirts .

For me, the highlight of comic con was just seeing countless number of people wearing Redwolf T-shirts! Some of them stopped by our stall to say hi and refresh their wardrobes with some new designs.


It was very nice to see all these different people gather to show support to something they feel so passionately about. To some it may just be comic books and movies, but there is a whole culture that revolves around it and these guys really embrace every bit of it!  Comic Con India does a great job at creating a world class event that expands the much restricted pop culture in the country and deliver a fun experience to the dedicated fans across India. Comic Con Mumbai was an experience like no other and I will definitely be back next year!

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