Doctor Strange: Into The Multiverse Of Mad-Fan Theories

Dimensions and multiverses are something we never thought about. But as crazier as it gets, Marvel movies are taking us on an insane tour outside our universe. Yes, we are talking about variants too. Imagine your own variant in a different universe and what would it look like!

Spider-Men were all the same (as far as what was shown to us) but not all of Doctor Strange’s variants are all good.

After watching the MCU movies, especially ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ and the trailer of the upcoming ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’, one thing is confirmed MCU’s multiverse is infinite. Marvel movies have given us the strangest idea of the existence of a multiverse and all the variants that come with them.

With Doctor Strange 2 releasing soon, there are a lot of mysteries and secrets to solve with the door to the multiverse breaking wide open.

Yes, thanks to Peter for interfering with the spell giving nightmares to Stephen that have made the fans think about a lot of possibilities that can happen in the MCU’s future movies and series.

Let’s find out more about the same:

Theory 1: Was it really Doctor Strange in No Way Home or was it someone else?

Living two different lives wasn’t easy for Peter but voila! He is now exposed to the world.

Everyone knows who Spider-Man is but does he know who will help him clear this mess? Doctor Stephen Strange is at the rescue.

But what if we start to think that he could be someone in disguise?

Spider-Man No Way Home surely showed a great story between Stephen and Peter, but was it the same for all fans? Nope. 

Fan theories suggest that Doctor Strange wasn’t himself in the movie and something was off about him that made some fans wonder if someone else was disguised as Stephen.

Was it a variant? Or was it Mysterio, Mephisto, or Chameleon? Could it be possible?

The three Spider-Men have more villains than a spider has legs. 

These speculations about Doctor Strange’s behavior being odd or different surely lead to a wider mystery that could or could not possibly is true and will only be solved with upcoming MCU movies. Doctor Strange 2 will show many other variants of him and maybe this could be one of them.

Well, Peter! You will have to wait for the movie to release to know the truth.

Theory 2: Does Wanda have variants or is it just her in a different persona?

We have so many questions after watching the trailer. Who is a member of the Illuminati? Are there any zombies? What happened to Billy and Tommy? Is Loki going to make an appearance? Where does alligator Loki fit in? However, a new concern has arisen: are there Wanda Maximoff variations in the film?

Only if Vision would have been alive to see it all with her love Wanda.

The Witch, an Earth-8823 variation of Wanda Maximoff, has the same abilities as the Earth-616 Scarlet Witch. These are significant, including the power to change probability, which has the potential to destabilize not only events but also physical matter and energy at the molecular level.

Yes, she is amazing! Short and sweet.

Remember the post-credit sequence in WandaVision’s series finale, where Wanda is drinking coffee and studying the Darkhold at the same time? Wanda has the ability to astrally project herself and be in two locations at once, which could be the case in Doctor Strange showing the Astral Dimension.

Fans are speculating that Stephen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will assist the Scarlet Witch in recreating her love interest, Vision. They believe that because the wizard still has a duplicate copy of the mind stone in the Eye of Agamotto. This could help her in the rebirth of Vision.

Theory 3: Is it just a nightmare or The Nightmare?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer has already shaken the world and is mind-boggling to see the multiverse in the madness and immense madness of the multiverse.

The trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has already shaken the fans with multiple dimensions and it’s mind-boggling to watch the multiverse in all of its madness.

While we got to see some threats from the multiverse targeting Doctor Strange like Illuminati, there is yet one more villain who was in WandaVision. Can you guess?

Yes, we are talking about Nightmare. The trailer clearly shows how Stephen was getting nightmares which are Nightmare’s modus operandi to slowly torment his victims in dreams.
A nightmare is a powerful, otherworldly entity that haunts people’s dreams and feeds off of their fear according to the comics.

So if you ever get a bad dream, you know who to blame.

WandaVision’s finale ended with a post-credits scene which gave hints of the Scarlet Witch’s son might be trapped by the Nightmare in the Dream Dimension. Scarlet Witch co-stars in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the film’s title alludes to the Realm of Madness, which borders the Dream Dimension, Wanda may team up with Strange to liberate her children from Nightmare’s grasp.

Theory 4: Illuminati who?!

Doctor Strange’s movie trailer was as crazy as its title. We mean a crazy one eyed octopus attacking the city, seeing mummified Strange and OH MAN! That disturbingly awesome Strange face falling apart in flesh cubes clip was just MADNESS! (you guys saw what we did there *wink wink*)

With all of this crazy in the trailer, this one scene intrigued us the most. Strange being arrested for his ‘discretion’ (in Wong’s voice) and escorted to a panel. But who exactly arrested our sorcerer?

Well, that is possible but what if it’s the ILLUMINATI! *gasps in shock*

Okay, agreed that is it not that shocking since the recent teaser clearly mentioned that it’s the ILLUMINATI (The “Illuminati” is a secret organization composed of several of the world’s most powerful people.)

But what is shocking for us are the possible members of this society. 
We already did get a clear voice of Charles Xavier in the trailer itself. So yeah, our old favourite Professor is back! Now, who can be these other members? 

In comics Iron Man, Richard Reeds from Fantastic Four, basically everyone with big brains is a part of this boy band.

YES! You read it right, Iron Man! There are rumours that Tom Cruise might be cast as a variant of Iron Man! But for this movie? Is that possible, Marvel?

You better not just be playing around with our feelings. We are very sensitive like that.

For the role of Reed Richards, a little gossip birdie is flying around saying John Krasinski might be cast.

As for the other members of the Illuminati, we see the Ultron kind bots escorting Strange to the panel, so, there’s a possibility that a variant of Banner or Vision might be involved in this movie?

Well, false or fact, but we do like the sound of the above if that is happening!

Theory 5: Deadpool Is That You?

Okay, let’s get straight to the point. Not going to waste any time with filler intros for this one. 


After bringing all the three Spider-Men in one movie, bringing characters from other universes doesn’t seem impossible anymore, does it! 

Giving us the hints that many universes will be colliding in this movie, with Charles Xavier making an appearance, it wouldn’t hurt for the studio to bring in one more, right? 

We do know that Deadpool 3 is going to be a part of the MCU and what better way to introduce a character in the universe than the Multiverse Of Madness itself!

It might seem a little ‘strange’ what good would do bringing ‘Deadpool’ into the movie since the character was never exposed to multidimensional realities on screen. But the catch is, unlike other characters, Wade is aware of multiple timelines existing within his universe! The character can break the fourth wall, for crying out loud.

Also, Marvel has a history of introducing characters before bringing in their first independent movie.

For example, Spider-Man and Black Panther in Civil War and Mahershala Ali (Blade) voice in the end credit scene of the movie Eternals. And with Multiverse Of Madness anticipated being one of the craziest movies, Deadpool’s appearance will definitely turn it up a notch!

Theory 6: Wanda Being Manipulated?

Wanda Maximoff doesn’t always get the happy ending like most of the characters in the movies which ultimately makes her lose her sh*t and kidnap an entire town.

And when we thought we had seen enough of Wanda’s torture & hell break loose, the Multiverse of Madness trailer and many teasers were back like ‘In this episode of Wanda’s Wonderous Disaster…’ 

The mini teasers had many recurring and new footage shown but what stood out the most was seeing Wanda’s kids, Billy & Tommy make a surprise appearance. The question here is, are they really Wanda’s kids or just a facade for a monster hiding inside.

In the teaser, we witness that Wanda is shown a universe where her kids exist in reality and was then brought back to the exact same position inside a summoning circle in a chamber. But who is showing her this reality and what is the use of getting her manipulated? Well, the theory is that there is a much bigger entity that’s behind all of this.

We know that America Chavez has the ability to make star-shaped portals to travel to multiple realities and her ability is what the entity is really after. With the help of her powers, it wants to open the portals to all universes and spread misery and murder like a very good villain should. 

And Wanda being one of the most powerful characters in the universe, the entity will need her powers as well to weaken America Chavez to get the job done. And of course, Wanda won’t accept anything easily unless she is bribed and promised with a television kinda happy life with her kids. That’s just common knowledge at this point.

With so many theories, universes, creatures from who knows what world, this movie is definitely going to be as chaotic as Strange trying to help a kid get into a college.

Multiverse of Madness, as far as we know, is filled with exciting new characters, mystic creatures, and some horrifyingly awesome Doctor Stranges (Doctors Stranges?).

All this crazy just reminds us what uninteresting our lives are and how awesome it would be if this were to happen in real life. Well, that might be a little (or completely) out of our hands but what we can do is bring a little madness of Marvel’s multiverse onto your t-shirts!

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