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The Big Bang Theory Pins

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The Big Bang Theory Pins

Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard, Bernadette, and Amy. The unlikeliest group of people to become friends, who became the best of friends. 

This show was heaven for all the geeks and nerds out there. The pop-culture references, standing in line for the premiere of movies, Comic Cons were all things we could relate to.

We’ve all spent countless hours watching The Big Bang Theory, whether binge-watching the entire series in one go or watching one episode a week as they released. Or maybe both because who says you can only watch a series once?

No matter which moment is your favourite, if you’re looking for the perfect way to let your inner geek out and show off your love for the show, then these Official The Big Bang Theory Pins are the best way for you to do so! Grab them today from Redwolf!

“I often forget other people have limitations. It’s so sad.” - Sheldon

Throughout the 12 seasons of this amazing show, we’ve learnt from the characters. We’ve grown with them. The biggest growth we saw was with Dr. Sheldon Cooper. We saw Sheldon grow from someone who couldn’t quite care less about what others (even his own friends) thought, to thanking and aiming his Nobel prize acceptance speech (which had us all in tears) to them. 

Not just Sheldon, but everyone grew in their own way. Penny went from being a waitress to a pharmaceutical rep and settled down with Leonard. Raj went from that weird guy who couldn’t talk to girls unless drunk, to the guy who learned that the right person will find you at the right time. Amy and Sheldon found each other and loved each other for all their eccentricities and quirks. Howard settled down and became a family man with Bernadette.

Right from the very first “Our kids will be both smart and beautiful” line till the very last ‘And it all started with a big bang’ the show gave us countless memories and life lessons.

Show your love for this amazing group and everything you learned from them, be it about science or life, with these amazing, geektastic Official The Big Bang Theory Pins from Redwolf!