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Spiderman Pins

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Spiderman Pins

Peter Parker aka Spider-Man is the regular high-school boy turned Superhero by a radioactive spider bite. His spidey powers and self-developed web-shooters all work to make him into your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. 

Though Spider-Man has been part of Marvel Comics since 1962, he was never officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe until 2016 (looking at you, Sony) when he was introduced in Captain America: Civil War. That too with a suit made by Tony Stark, who then becomes a sort of father figure to Peter.

All of us wished to be like Spidey, swinging from one building to another, spending time with Mr. Stark (pre-Endgame snap of course) and taking down the bad guys. Unfortunately, you can’t have that. (Hey EDITH, search for radioactive spiders near me.) Although, what you can have are some of Redwolf’s Official Spider-Man Pins.

“Someone's got to look out for the little guy, right?”

Although Peter spent most of Spider-Man: Homecoming trying to officially join the Avengers, at the end of the movie when Tony offered him a chance to join the team, Peter said no. His motivation is that while the Avengers were out protecting the world, someone needed to look out for the little guy. That is what makes him the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Suit up with Redwolf’s collection of amazing Official Spider-Man Pins. Redwolf has something for everyone.