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Marvel Fridge Magnets

Marvel Fridge Magnets

Marvel has been a part of our lives in many ways while we grew up. Comic books, movies, TV shows, games, and more, they’ve conquered all avenues of entertainment. Not just while we grew up, but Marvel still is a huge part of our lives.

Ever since the advent of Marvel, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby gave us heroes like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine and many many more. Both Lee and Kirby are heralded as the people who created characters that were loved by children and adults alike. This brought about a new age of superhero comics, one where even adults would queue up to buy the next issue.

Are you looking to honour these superheroes? Well, what better way than with some merchandise? Redwolf’s Official Collection of Marvel Fridge Magnets is the perfect way to pay homage to not only the superheroes, but Marvel itself. That’s why we’ve added the Marvel logo to our products. More than the studio, we love the legacy that the logo reminds us of. Not just us, but fans love the logo and love showing off their love, with the many Marvel products we have. After all, how many companies can boast they have fans wearing their logo proudly on their chest!

Marvel has certainly raised the bar for superhero movies across all genres in the industry. Be it action, or humour Marvel has aced them all. Not just aced them, they managed to put them all together and bring a new kind of entertainment. It is only natural that other genres have started using the proven “Marvel-formula” for success by adding a touch of humour to all movies alike. 

Very few studios can make sagas, let alone ones that span 23 movies, a decade and then have it all pulled together for one global event. Even the thought of this gives us the chills. 

Marvel, be it in the comics, the TV shows or the movies, has a way of making sure that their heroes make us fall in love with them and their quirks. Be it Tony Stark’s sass, Steve Rogers’ hatred for strong language, or even Wolverine’s i-don’t-give-a-f*ck attitude, you can’t help but love them all.

Are you a huge Marvel nerd just looking for Marvel products in India? Well then, look no further. Redwolf offers you a wide range of Official Marvel Fridge Magnets to choose from.