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Khiski Khopadi

Khiski Khopadi

Khiski khopadi ( is a web blog where we share stories of everyday people -their stories of travel,their stories of dreams,their stories of passion,their stories of struggles,their stories of breakup,their stories of pain,their stories of joy,and basically a story of how they became what they are today.

We believe that everyone has a story and that's why we adopted the tag line - "Everybody has a crazy in us".
What started with the concept that - people are inspired more by smaller success stories of individuals they know personally,than bigger stories of celebrities,has since been evolved in a great way.

Sharing more than 100 stories till now,we are sure that we have brought a smile on the face of many individuals,and are doing our part in making this world a better place.

Please help us scale this initiative to great heights by buying this tshirt and helping us build our team and dream.


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