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Iron Man Stickers India

Iron Man Stickers India

Iron Man is one such character that has quite an origin story. While most heroes put on the (sometimes figurative) cape to help others in times of crisis, Tony Stark was forced to build his super-suit as a way to escape his kidnappers.

With this new tech and suit(s) of armour in his garage, he initially came off as a self-centric and reckless billionaire flying the skies for praise, but he soon became the man we never could’ve guessed he’d become.

Pulling himself out of that cave in Afghanistan to the final snap that saved the fate of the universe, Iron Man has taken a path that only a handful could have walked. Among fans, he is now known to be the mightiest defender Earth had seen.

With that being said, Redwolf’s collection of Iron Man Stickers totally manages to capture the playboy and the Iron Soldier side of the Tony Stark spectrum.

Stark or Iron Man, however, you may choose to call him is fine, as long as you agree that he’s the coolest Avenger. (Just kidding Thor, we love you all equally.)

One thing that Tony loves doing? Giving his fellow Avengers nicknames that piss them off. Calling Thor ‘Lebowski’, Nebula ‘Blue Meanie’, ‘Capsicle’ for Captain America or calling Rocket ‘Build a Bear’, they all leave the recipient glaring at him. Special mention for the moment when he called Hawkeye, ‘Legolas’ and we all lost our minds!

Being fair to Tony, these names aren’t always reserved for the Avengers but he comes up with nicknames for the villains too. Calling Maw, ‘Squidward’ while he was trying to destroy the world? Pretty badass moment, if you ask us.

That’s the thing about Tony. No matter what the situation is, he’s always going to make a comment to lighten the mood that sets the stage for the show we are soon about to see. It just goes to show justhow amazing and badass he is. And you know what else is just as badass as Tony? Redwolf’s collection of Official Iron Man Stickers!