The Flash Mugs

The Flash has been a hit with comic fans ever since his conception in 1940. Throughout the years, The Flash has been played by many characters on-screen. We’ve had John Wesley Shipp, who played The Flash in the 1990 series. He also later played The Flash’s dad in the Arrow-verse, version of the same show. He also played Jay Garrick and Barry Allen from different Earth’s in the Arrow-verse version. Honestly, Shipp’s roles in The Flash are as confusing as the time-travel lingo.

Besides Shipp, we’ve even had Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin bringing the Scarlet Speedster to life. As yet, Gustin’s Flash has been the most widely received. But then again, we’ve only seen Ezra’s speedster in Justice League. (cameos not included) Hopefully, the upcoming The Flash movie helps us see more sides of Miller’s Flash and we grow to love him as much as we love Grant Gustin.

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To be fair, keeping track of all the multiple timelines and multiple worlds is quite entertaining, isn't it? Plus there are versions of the Scarlet Speedster across the multiverse. There’s Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, and Bart Allen. All the possibilities of what could go wrong make it just that much more exciting!

Despite all the twists and turns it’s always entertaining and somehow it always works out. Not just for the good of Central City but also for the world.

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