DC Comics Pins

DC Comics officially stands for Detective Comics, but fans have many theories as to what DC means. Some believe it to be a nod to Washington DC. Besides this, there are many theories and conspiracies that revolve around the name and the reason behind it. 

DC Comics may not have started off with superhero comics, but that’s how they made their mark. It is now one of the top superhero comic book publishers in the world yet they still have many ‘non-superhero’ graphic novels that are super successful too (pun intended). Watchmen being one of the most famous publications.

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Throughout the years, DC has given us many superheroes that we’ve fallen in love with. Be it Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or any other superhero, they all have an amazing near cult-like following. The DC movies may not have the success of their rivals, but the fans sure as hell still love the movies.

The reason that most of the fans choose DC over any of its other counterparts, is because DC gives us that realism in all of its movies. The most important thing that DCEU gives us and is also most well known for, is the lurking darkness in all its movies. It somehow sets them apart from the mass-appeal, humour-filled superhero genre that has now been set in stone.

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