DC Comics Headphones

Did you know that DC Comics was first known as  National Allied Publications, back in 1934? While DC Comics may be more well known for their superheroes and comics, their first release mainly had funnies in the western comic genre. These comic books had original stories that hadn’t been reprinted from newspapers, which was what most comic books from this time period were. These original stories are what set National Allied Publications apart from the other publishers at the time. 

Doctor Occult, is credited as being the first superhero that DC created. He is the earliest recurring superhero and is seen even today, so many years later. DC has given us many superheroes throughout the years, most well-known being Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League but also characters such as Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, and the other Teen Titans.

Being fans ourselves, we at Redwolf have created a range of products featuring these epic characters across super cool designs!

These Official DC Comics Headphones are the coolest and perfect way to flaunt your love for all the mighty heroes of the DC Universe.

It’s a fact that DC is most famous for its superhero groups and their variations. Be it Teen Titans, or Justice League, the Legion of Super-Heroes, or even the Birds of Prey, they are all different and all bring something different to the genre.

Each superhero of every team is unique in their own ways. Some are dark and broody, while others are cheery and happy. They all contrast and balance each other out. That’s what makes us love them so much.

Are you a major fan of DC Comics? Are you looking to pay tribute to not only the superhero groups of the DC Comics Universe but also to the superheroes themselves? Well, Redwolf’s collection of Official DC Comics Headphones is the best there is!