Batman Spiral Notebooks

Batman Spiral Notebooks

A billionaire playboy by day and the caped crusader by night, Batman lives two lives, without any financial worries of course. He gets it done every time by putting his combat skills to test against the craziest of villains and also with the help of some sick tools & gadgets like the Batmobile and some surveillance devices to name a few.

You may not get to visit his Batcave full of hi-tech gadgets but you can create your fan cave with our cool collection of Batman Spiral Notebooks.

What makes Bruce Wayne the hero he is today is the motivation to fight crime in his city.

This motivation is shown to have clear roots in his tragic past where his parents were murdered right in front of young Bruce’s eyes. Despite such trauma, Bruce keeps a positive and shielding attitude towards the world.

He inspires us by showing that normal folks like us can fight and face our problems head-on if we dedicate our lives to achieve our goals.

What makes him the superhero then?

His intelligence and detective skills complement his fighting skills. It is said that the caped crusader knows 127 ways of martial arts! (But usually, his one kick or punch is enough to knock his enemies out.)

You are here because you are a fan of the Caped Crusader and so are we! We created a cool collection of Batman Spiral Notebooks featuring the legacy of this remarkable hero! Because sometimes watching Batman movies isn’t enough to show your fan love and that’s when our kickass products get the job done!