Guardians Of The Galaxy Stickers

The Guardians of the Galaxy are by far the most misfit and the weirdest group of heroes that we’ve come across. 

We have Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, a half-human half-celestial hybrid; Groot, a sentient alien tree whose vocabulary is limited to, I and Am and Groot; Rocket a raccoon that loves guns and tech genius who likes to cause ruckus; Gamora a cyborg who is a former assassin, Drax an intergalactic assassin who has the ability to become invisible by slowing his moves to the extent that he becomes to the eye; Mantis an empathic insectoid being and last but not least we have Nebula, Gamora’s adopted cyborg (and sorta psycho) sister. 

These characters may seem like the weirdest bunch, but together they make a kickass team! Just like Mantis says, they kick names and take ass. We love every single one of them and their hilarious comradery amongst themselves. Show your love for the most unfunctional but handy superheroes of the galaxy with these Official Guardians of The Galaxy Stickers, exclusively from Redwolf!

These characters are very different from each other and have their own quirks. These unique kinks are what makes them all the more lovable. They may be very different personality-wise, but when it comes to saving the galaxy, they know how to do it with style even know they make it seem they won’t be able to most of the time.

Be it Star-Lord trying to act as tough as Thor,  Mantis telling everyone that Star-Lord is in love with Gamora, Drax claiming to be invisible, Rocket’s obsession with guns and stealing, or Teen Groot and his perfectly shown teenage sass, the movies have given us countless hilarious gags!

Show your love for the quirkiest superheroes of the universe with these Official Guardians of The Galaxy Stickers only on Redwolf!