Batman Badges

Batman Badges

Batman is one of the most loved characters in the DC Universe. From the Batmobile to grapple guns, all of us wished to have cool combat gear and ultimately a Batcave.

Among a countless number of superheroes, how did Batman get so popular?

For one, he showed us you don’t need superhuman abilities or fancy powers to become a hero. Anyone can be Batman. You can be Batman! Provided you have ridiculous amounts of cash to blow.

While you can’t be Batman (for now), what you can be is a true Batman fan by repping our cool Batman Badges!

Just like every superhero has an emblem which gives them a unique touch, Batman is recognised by his classic black emblem on his chest. The most recognised logo so far has been the classic 1966 symbol in a yellow oval. Over the years, our caped crusader has adapted various iterations of it with the emblem becoming more angular having sharp edges that feels more intimidating. After all, rounded shapes won’t make good Batarangs!

Other than the iconic emblem, what differentiates Bruce from a lot of other heroes is his no-kill rule. Even though he doesn’t kill his enemies, he instills so much fear in them that wouldn’t dare to face him again! Batman’s fight for justice follows consistently from comics to movies.

He is vengeance, he is the night, he is an inspiration, he is Batman!

What are you waiting for? Go on crime-fighting fan boying by sporting our Official Batman Badges today!