The Flash Headphones

The Flash has had many alter egos. Initially, it was Jay Garrick who became The Flash after inhaling vapors. However, the most famous Flash by far is the Barry Allen version. Be it in the comics, the TV show, or DCEU movies. 

Barry Allen, a forensic scientist working with the police, became The Flash when he was exposed to lightning and a mix of different chemicals. Based in Central City, The Flash races through the streets, defeating villains that come in all shapes and sizes. 

Are you looking to join The Flash as he races through the city? We may not be able to do that (Speed Force y u no choose us?), but we can show our love and support for The Flash. Grab some of Redwolf’s Official line of The Flash Headphones, and show your love for the speedster!

Everyone’s favourite speedster goes by many names. The Flash, The Scarlet Speedster or The Fastest Man Alive, and the lesser well known, (but most accurate) The Guy who Messed Up The Timeline Again. Despite his superpowers, and how many villains he has gone up against, The Flash is still famous for how many times he has messed up the timeline by either running back in time and changing something or running into the future, seeing something and then running back to the present and changing something in the present, which changed the timeline in the future. Yes, we know it’s confusing. We wonder how he keeps track of it himself, but we reckon, he doesn’t!

Skip trying to understand the time travel jargon and grab some of The Flash Headphones from Redwolf. At least you’ll look cool with them.