Redwolf x Control ALT Delete – A History in T-shirts

Control ALT Delete 8.0 takes over SMAASH on Saturday, 13-Jun-2015. You can contribute to the gig here, or at the venue by making your donation in the infamous Daan Peti. You can get more info about attending here. You can buy the official gig t-shirt here.

Redwolf x Control ALT Delete - Clothing the Scene since 2011
For the uninitiated, Control ALT Delete is a series of crowd-funded gigs that feature some of the best Alternative bands that this fine country has to offer. Yes, you read that right. It’s a crowd-funded event – the fans decide what they want to pay. The boys behind CAD are setting up their 8th edition this weekend, proving it to be a sustainable model.

The line-ups are always interesting – bands come from all over the country and do their thing. There’s merchandise and CDs on sale, booze at the venue and a good time to be had by all.

On to the T-shirts!

Music and t-shirts have a raunchy love affair that has spanned decades. There’s just something about wearing artwork that visually showcases your favourite band, song or album, or even that time you got to see them live on tour. It could be deeply personal, or just to score some hipster cred. Whatever your reasons may be, music tees are awesome!

Control ALT Delete has had some exceptional t-shirts and we’ve had the privilege of making them for six editions now. 🙂

Embracing the DIY spirit of CAD, some really talented artists have lent their skills to capture the feel of both the line-up and the ethos of the gig. The result has been some truly excellent t-shirts and posters.

Let’s take a look:

I. CAD 3.0, 30th September, 2012

Redwolf - Control ALT Delete 3.0 T-shirt by Anish Sundaran

II. CAD 4.0, 28th September, 2013

Redwolf - Control ALT Delete 4.0 T-shirt by Namaah Kumar/Rishu Singh

III. CAD 5.0, 1st June, 2014 – The Metal Chapter

Redwolf - Control ALT Delete 5.0 - The Metal Chapter T-shirt by Aaquib Wani

IV. CAD 6.0, 14th September, 2014

Redwolf - Control ALT Delete 6.0 T-shirt by Denver Fernandes

V. CAD 7.0, 18th April, 2015

Redwolf - Control ALT Delete 7.0 T-shirt by Aniruddh Mehta

VI. CAD 8.0 – 13th June, 2015 – CAD goes Metal again

The CAD 8.0 tees are still on sale on the CAD MakeMyMerch campaign for a little while longer – grab yours here.

See you at SMAASH on 13-June-2015. Gig starts at 3PM!

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